MIST SPC Flooring


"Mist" is a soft light grey SPC flooring from the Kromitex Collection's luxury line, inspired by the natural phenomenon of mist. It's designed to bring serenity and calmness to any room, fitting well with modern and Scandinavian interior designs. As part of the collection's focus on quality and durability, this high-end flooring features a 5mm thick core plank, a 22mil wear layer, and a 1.5mm IXPE underlayment, resulting in a total thickness of 6.5mm. The planks are 7.09 inches wide and 48.03 inches long. Additional details and the full color range are available for viewing online, along with options to download the warranty and catalogue.
Core Plank 5mm
Wear Layer 22mil
Underlayment 1.5mm IXPE (Attached)
Core Plank + Underlayment 6.5 mm
Width 7.09″ / 18 cm
Length 48.03″ / 121.99 cm
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