ASHES SPC Flooring

"Ashes" is a color in the SPC Flooring Kromitex Collection, inspired by the color of fire ashes, combining dark browns and light grays. This option reflects the Kromitex Collection's focus on nature-inspired designs for home flooring. The product has a 4mm thick core plank, a 12mil wear layer, and an attached 1.5mm IXPE underlayment, totaling 5.5mm in thickness. The planks are 8.98 inches wide and 60.43 inches long. More information, including warranty and catalogue, is available for download, and there's an option to contact for queries. The entire Kromitex Collection is also open for exploration.
Core Plank 4mm
Wear Layer 12mil
Underlayment 1.5mm IXPE (Attached)
Core Plank + Underlayment 5.5 mm
Width 8.98″ / 22 cm
Lenght 60.43″ / 153.50cm
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