ARENA SPC Flooring

Alright, let's talk about "Arena" in the SPC Flooring Kromitex Collection. Arena is a beautiful light beige tone that's designed to enhance natural light and add a modern touch to any room. If you're looking to create a space that feels bigger, airier, and has a modern vibe, then Arena is the right color for you.

Like the rest of the Kromitex Collection, Arena is inspired by nature. The aim is to bring the small, often overlooked beauties of nature into community homes through flooring.

Now, for the product specifications of Arena. It features a core plank that is 4mm thick, a wear layer of 12mil, and a 1.5mm IXPE underlayment that's attached. When you combine the core plank and underlayment, you get a total thickness of 5.5mm. The width of these planks is 7.09 inches or 18 cm, and the length is 60.43 inches or 153.50 cm. You can also download the warranty and the catalogue for more specifications, and there's a contact option for any questions you might have. And remember, you can take a look at the entire collection if you're interested.
Core Plank 4mm
Wear Layer 12mil
Underlayment 1.5mm IXPE (Attached)
Core Plank + Underlayment 5.5 mm
Width 7.09″ / 18 cm
Lenght 60.43″ / 153.50cm
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